Green Tribute towards a Green Planet

Green Tribute towards
a Green Planet

GreenPoints is a mobile application leveraging the power of gamification to make living a greener life easier and more enjoyable. Users are rewarded with points (GP) as they participate in activities designed by GreenPoints’ authorized partners to promote sustainable development.

Our story

We are a group of young people who restlessly wonder: how can we live more green by 1% everyday. With Green points, we hope to spread the green lifestyle and together we could build a community which the core value is a green living lifestyle.

The green lifestyle journey could start from the simplest actions, such as sorting out garbage, saving energy by turning off electric devices which are not in use, limiting the use of hard-to-decompose materials. Or more in-depth actions by choosing no chemical products, designing lifestyle following the circular economy principles, continuously discovering and creating solutions for a greener lifestyle.

When living green has become our core value, we will be more thorough with our choices and options: Should I buy this or not? Is this actually garbage? How were these vegetables planted? How was this stuff produced? And if we do this everyday together, these small efforts will be added up and kept spreading, creating a sustainable future for the whole society.

Green Synergy

Through giving points GreenPoints app will accompany organizations, individuals to initiate events, projects that promote green lifestyle, empower the community to actively participate in making our planet greener everyday.

On GreenPoints platform, separated activities will be brought together and create successively impact to build a green lifestyle. 

This June – to celebrate Environment Day, GP has nurtured many projects aiming to bring a positive source of energy to the community after a long period of time battling with the pandemic. Please follow the website and download the app to keep the most up-to-date news.

Step 1: Download the app

Step 2: Taking green action

Volunteer for Greenes

Join volunteer activities at social projects and organizations to receive GP Check out now opening volunteer positions on Green Jobs.


Invite your friends to join the Green Lifestyle movement by downloading the app. We would like to give you 5GP for spreading out the lifestyle.


Join us in events, take green action to fill your green account with GP, together we create a sustainable future.

Step 3: How to spend GreenPoints

You can choose to use your Green Points in three ways:
GreenPoints for Green Gift: Reward yourself
Together we live green: Rewards for friends and family
GreenPoints for community:Rewards for social projects