Give old stuff – Receive “Green” point

Give old stuff - Receive “Green” point

Join hands today
For a clean tomorrow

At the end of a house-cleaning day, many things are thrown out, labeled “trash”. They ended up at landfills without being classified. But are those things actually garbage?

Give old stuff – Receive Green points was created in order to bring a new life to those “trashy”, “being-thrown-away” things. People could bring used stuff or things you don’t use anymore and receive points. These points can be  exchanged into gifts on GreenPoints platform.

The events took place on Saturday (17/01/2020) and Sunday (18/01/2020)

Let’s take a look at our closing ceremony as a “thank you” note towards your participation in the event and make it successful.

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Event’s activities

  • Participants bring old stuff to the event, download the app and receive GP on GreenPoints app.
  • Participants can use GP to exchange gifts at the events or save for future.
  • GreenPoints conversion

    Gifts list

    After passing your old stuffs, participants could receive GP and use points to exchange gifts. These gifts are hearty sponsored by individuals, organizations who share mutual concern about living greener everyday.

    This June,

    GreenPoints will be upgraded with new interesting features and more choices for you to use your points to double, even triple living-green efforts.


    The event was planned in 10 days, from drafting ideas, preparing gifts, calling for volunteers and promoting. It ended on a beautiful note, leaving us – the organizers – the hope into a greener future with less waste. 

    Photo from event

    Just for only 2 days but “Give old stuff – Receive Green Points” events had left so much emotion and impression in participants. Through this event, we hope to inspire people, nurturing their anticipation for the next stage of the project. Here are some photos from the event.

    “Give old stuff - Receive Green Points” in your area

    “Give old stuff - Receive Green Points” in your area

    You concern about recycling and reuse? Become Green Ambassador to host “Give old stuff – Receive Green points” in your hometown.

    GreenPoints will give your GP to attract participants and give away

    We will also provide you with gifts for the first 2 events maximum.

    • There is already less waste in Saigon
    • Ben Tre will be the next one in June
    • And Quang Nam in July

    So how about your hometown? 

    Let’s join us in the movement to keep our surrounding green, to preserve those beautiful greenness of our country!

    Are you the next inspiration to keep this planet green?

    Join GreenPoints in the “Green” movement and become our next Green Ambassador