About us

About us

Living Green withGreenPoints

In recent years, “live green”, “sustainable lifestyle”, “organic products”… are some of the keywords in the whole world as well as in Vietnam. Many believe that this lifestyle is the key for a long healthy life. There are many campaigns, projects calling for reducing plastic waste, living towards the organic lifestyle. These activities have shown that sustainable lifestyle has become a positive trend in the whole world. 

Therefore, GreenPoints want to create a future where humans and nature live together in harmony. 

GreenPoints – a mobile app that rewards for every green action you made – connect the community and spread the “green” effects. GreenPoints will help to connect environmental activities nationwide and together we can create and spread the “Green” movement, raise awareness for more people. We believe that acknowledgement and encouragement are the motivation for individuals to live more green by 1% everyday.


Connect people together to practice sustainable lifestyles, create greater impact and spread the movement.


A creative and reliable pioneer for individuals, organization, business who’d like to follow the sustainable lifestyle.

Our commitment

Non-profit are our motto. Preserving life on earth is our core value. A business model that brings legitimate benefit and humane value

You're looking for solutions for environmental problems? Join us.